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What's inside GoodSpanking?  How is it different from all other sites?

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Discipline spankings, serious punishments AND naughty, sexy spankings.  Every sort of situation and every sort of scenario.

And, because Chelsea is REALLY into spanking, all her productions are made with enthusiasm and a constant commitment to quality.

These days, there are a lot of spanking membership sites.  Some of them are pretty good, some not. Why choose one over another? 

Here are some of the qualities we think set GoodSpanking apart from the rest.


Maybe that's the thing
that really sets Chelsea's
spanking vids and
spanking PhotoPlays
apart from the rest.


Something new and beautiful
is always being revealed.

Sometimes, the spanking
takes on a very intimate quality.

                Yes, the spankings
         can really hurt.  After all,
            they're for punishment
                         .....aren't they?


Our girls really get into it.

Enthusiasm is a must!

do the girls get hot?

"Cranking 'em out" is
NOT what we're about.


We upload four new
3 minute clips every week,


75 or more new photos.



We post Chelsea's unique PhotoPlays & at least two 3-minute Video Clips
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